Amazingly Delicious & Nutritious Alternative to Ice Cream

I’m always looking for fun ways to get fruits and veggies into my kids’ bodies, and while I am not fully raw or fully organic, I do love watching Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, aka Rawfully Organic, aka Fully Raw Kristina, on YouTube. She has developed wonderful recipes that are 100% plant-based and 100% raw, which is great to have in your diet. (Some of my other favorites are Laura Miller of Raw. Vegan. Not Gross and Kimberly Snyder.)

I had a container of strawberries that were getting a bit over-ripe, and our bananas had grown really ripe and needed to be eaten soon, so I decided to peel them, stick them in the freezer, and make this Fully Raw Ice Cream Dream today as an after-school snack.

A few notes about what I did differently:

  • I only had 4 bananas, so that’s how many I used.
  • I used only strawberries, because they were really ripe and I didn’t have any raspberries
  • I substituted vanilla extract for her pinch of vanilla bean, because I don’t keep vanilla beans in my pantry (maybe I should, but I don’t).
  • I skipped the cinnamon altogether (though I’m sure it would have been great with the cinnamon)
  • ALSO, she does the bananas first and then the berries. I did the berries first and then the bananas. That way, the bananas absorbed some of the remaining juice in the Vitamix and had a slightly pink hue, which was lovely.

Both of our kids LOVED this, had no idea they were only eating fruit, and would have eaten more if I had given them more (with only four bananas, we only had enough for three servings). I am going to keep some peeled, over-ripe bananas in the freezer so I can make this ice cream alternative more often!

So enjoy today’s suggestion as a delicious and nutritious snack/dessert for you and your kids to enjoy! This is also a great guilt-free way to satisfy a late-night craving for ice cream.

To health!

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