Please, I Beg You: Move To New York City

I just returned to Seattle from a very quick trip to NYC this past weekend. While the reason for my trip was sad — I was there for a friend’s funeral — it was such a gift to see so many friends and get to revisit a few of my favorite spots.

I wrote this blog post, “Please, I Beg of You, Move to New York City,” way back in January 2012, but I still feel as strongly as I ever have the sentiments I expressed here.

If you’ve ever considered living in NYC, I beg you to find a way to make it happen.

– Christy


I just spent a week in New York City, and despite the fact that I had the flu while I was there, it was a great time. My husband and I stayed for two nights with dear friends in Staten Island, where I lived for seven years before moving to Seattle, then stayed in another friend’s apartment in East Harlem for the rest of the time. This friend was out of the country, so we had the place to ourselves. On top of that, the East Harlem apartment had been mine from 2001-2003, so it was really fun to be back in my old place – my first real “home” in NYC. East Harlem was where I lived alone for the first time in NYC, where the lease was mine (I was not subletting), and where I began to really find my skin in the city. The East Harlem apartment…

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