Celebrating One Year of Being Licensed Foster Parents

2014-08-20_1408516865One year ago today, my husband and I became licensed foster parents. My, oh, my, what a year it has been. Not only would we do it all over again, but we hope to KEEP doing it for years to come. Our commitment, passion, and drive to be part of the solution for at least *some* of the thousands and thousands of children in our state (and yours) who are in “the system” has only gotten stronger, despite the frustrations with the brokenness of the system and the extreme challenges that come with this calling.

On this, the anniversary of our foster care licensing, may I be so bold as to suggest that you take a moment to really consider whether God might be calling you to be part of the solution for some little one(s) out there?

It’s a hard, hard calling to be sure. But the joys that come with it, at least for us (and others we know) make it so worth the high cost.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re single or married — I know wonderful examples of both in foster care — you might be called to be a foster parent.

Here is a link with info on where to start in each state. And if you have any questions — any whatsoever! — I’m happy to share from my experience in more detail with you.

Happy new year, everyone. May this be a year where fewer children have to wait for loving homes and loving parents to help give them a hope and a future.

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