A Verse to Cling to When Things are Hard

Via Coffee Stains on my Bible, my Bible study blog. I hope this encourages any of you who are in a hard place right now!


Coffee Stains on my Bible

It’s been about six months since my last post. I don’t know how many of you are still subscribed or will still read this, but I have been thinking about you (readers of this blog) for some time now.

In January, my husband and I became foster parents to a third child. A newborn boy. He is amazing. But three kids is, well, three kids! So now we have three (three!!!!) kids under 7 in our home, and life is full and wonderful and busy and hard. What can I say? Much of being a foster mom, especially over a year in, is like being a regular mom. I do all the things regular moms do, my kids call me “Mom,” and, if we met on the playground after school and I didn’t tell you I was a foster mom, you would never know.

But I have to say: some days…

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