Considering Becoming a Foster Parent? Please Don’t Wait

Every day, I get email listing kids in my county needing homes that day. The first email I got this morning had sixteen kids needing a home TODAY.

Some days I get four, five, even six emails, each one with a few kids’ initials, a brief paragraph about them, and a plea for someone to take them that day. At the end of the day (today it was around 7 PM), I get more urgent emails from case workers who are working overtime to stay with the kids in their offices who do not have a bed to go to that night. Many times, those kids will sleep in their case workers’ offices if no one steps up to take them in. 

Are you considering becoming a foster parent? Please don’t wait. The list is long. Licensing takes time. Go ahead and make the call tomorrow. Get the process started. Who knows? A few months from now, you could be the answer to a child’s deepest longing: for a safe place to sleep, breakfast in the morning, and someone who will treat them with love and kindness while they go through the most difficult season of their life: being a kid in foster care.

4 thoughts on “Considering Becoming a Foster Parent? Please Don’t Wait

  1. Melissa says:

    I am enjoying your daily videos, keep up the good work. We are finishing our classes and our last walk through is Wednesday. It’s in Gods hands now.


    • Christy K. says:

      Melissa, thank you so much for the feedback! It’s so good to know that someone is being served by them. Congrats on being almost licensed. And as for it being in God’s hands now… that’s the best place for it to be 🙂 Sending you prayers and blessings and cheers for this next leg of your journey. Please keep me posted!


  2. Jessica Sumner says:

    I just found your channel and love the information you have provided. I was wondering if you know of anyone that has become foster parents in a Apt? We have our room and then one other that we were thinking we could use and at least start the process and help one child now until we move into a house. Just wondering if you think we should wait or if you know of anyone that has done this if it worked out just fine?

    Thank you for your time!
    Don and Jessica


    • Christy K. says:

      Hi Jessica! Thanks for watching and writing! I think you should go for it now! As long as you have a room that can be designated as a bedroom for your foster child, you should be able to be licensed with no trouble. And with all the kiddos out there in need of foster care, and your desire to do it, why wait? Go for it! I’m sure a child will be blessed to be in your home, no matter the size. (For the record, our house is quite small!)


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