May is Foster Care Awareness Month!

May is very special to me. My birthday is in May, so it’s always been an important month. My oldest child, who became my child through foster care and then adoption, was also born in May. And now May is even more important to me because May is National Foster Care Awareness Month in America.

Last year, I created twenty videos during Foster Care Awareness Month intended to inform, inspire, and equip those interested in foster care. If you haven’t seen them, you can see the videos, starting here.

This year, I plan to post daily to this blog and our Facebook page. I might also make some new videos, but I currently have four children in my care, so the jury’s out on whether that will happen or not 🙂 My hope is to help those who are considering becoming involved feel a bit more informed and equipped for the challenges they’ll likely face, as well as to inspire folks to consider ways to be involved in foster care beyond becoming licensed foster parents and taking on long-term placements.

To kick off my posts, I thought I would share some stats—not to overwhelm or lay guilt trips, but rather to expose the great need. Thank you for reading and following along!


The following information comes from Children’s Rights web site.

Thanks for caring about foster care!

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