Foster Parent Tip: Stock Up on Duffle Bags!

Two garbage bags.

For a child being moved into a foster care setting, that frequently is all the luggage they have when the social worker comes to take them to their temporary home.

Sara Roth was three days old when she arrived at her first and only foster home, so she doesn’t have any memory of what, if anything, came with her or how it was carried. But the image of an older child, dealing with the trauma of being separated from their parents due to some kind of trouble at home and standing at a foster parent’s door with nothing but trash bags to hold their belongings, motivated her to do something to help.

(Click here to read the whole article.)

This is a great article about a young woman who is eager to help kids in foster care.

If you are a foster parent, it’s a good idea to keep a few extra high-quality duffle bags, backpacks or suitcases on hand. If a child comes to you with their belongings in disposable bags, you’ll be all set to replace their trash bags—and maybe even a piece of their dignity.

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