Who Is In Your “Circle of Support?”

I just discovered this wonderful resource on Jayne Schooler’s blog and had to pass it along.




I’ve said it several times, but I’ll say it again:

It is vital that you have a strong support system if you’re going to be a foster parent.

But I’ll also say this: one of the things that surprised us after we started our journey was who comprised that support system!

Some of the people we thought would be most “with us” were not even part of our lives anymore by the end of our first year as foster parents, while other folks who were only peripherally part of our lives when we started our journey have become like family, playing significant roles in the lives of us and our children.

If you are starting your journey as a foster parent, or are already on your way but struggling to identify who might surround you and be part of helping you stay the course, I hope this chart will be helpful to you!


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