Are You With Me on Facebook?

I’ve done two Facebook Live events and I plan to do more soon. This is a great way to join me “in real time” and ask your questions! (Below is my most recent one, where I invited folks to “Ask Me Anything!” I got some wonderful questions and hopefully was able to offer some helpful insights!)

The best way to find out about future is to follow A Fostered Life on Facebook. Once you’ve “liked” my page, be sure that you are also “following.” To be honest, even though I used to work as a social media consultant, I am so out of touch with the Facebook algorithms, I can’t begin to explain how they operate. So just to be on the safe side, check in on the page periodically so you don’t miss anything!

In addition to doing live videos, I also share articles and tips for new and prospective foster parents, as well as for those who care about foster care and want to be more informed.

So if you haven’t already, hop on over to Facebook and let’s connect there!

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