What Can I Do, Mom? (Free Printables)

It’s summer break.


And yeesh.

The kids are home all day, every day. We know our kids need structure, and I will share more on my plan for summer structure in another post.

But today I just want to share one tool that has been really helpful to me: these “What Can I Do?” charts.

If you children struggle with unstructured time… if your children struggle to entertain themselves (without screen time :)… if you hear the dreaded, “Mom, I’m so booooored” and feel your eyes start to bulge as flames threaten to erupt from your head… you might find these helpful.

Mine are laminated for longevity, but an added bonus of laminating them is that they’re great for your kids who love checklists as much as I do (a dry erase marker works great on a laminated chart. 🙂

These charts took me about a half hour to put together. I did them on Canva.com, a design web site. There is a free version (though I have a paid version, so you might not have access to the same clip art.) My daughter sat on my lap and helped me come up with ideas for the preschooler’s chart, and the fact that she helped make them means she is even more motivated to use them! Once you know how Canva works, it’s pretty simple. (For the record, I’m not getting anything from Canva for recommending them. I pay for my monthly subscription and am just recommending it because I like it and use it a lot!)

So you can design your own, or you can just use mine 🙂

Click here for a PDF of the Elementary Schooler’s Version.

Click here for the Preschooler’s Version.

Let me know if you try them, and if you do, how they work!

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