Connecting with Kait | Love Mother Blog

Today I’m delighted to be doing a collab with Kait from LoveMotherBlog!

Unfortunately, although the recording of our full conversation got cut off, I did manage to salvage this portion, when we discussed our process of becoming champions not only for our foster children, but for their parents as well.

Some people call foster children’s parents “bio parents” or “birth parents.” I have tried to start calling them simply “my foster child’s parents,” but there are instances when I use “first parents, first mother, first family” as well. So that’s who I’m referring to in the title of this video.

Here is Kait’s video on her channel:

I’m grateful for the chance to talk with Kait. I love what she’s doing on her channel and hope you’ll subscribe to her and find more community with another foster mother devoted to helping everyone in the foster care world find a way to support one another and, above all, the kids in our care.

Connect with Kait – Love Mother Blog


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