The Kids are Back in School and I’m Back on YouTube!

As you can imagine, filming videos with all of our kids home most of the time is pretty challenging. So, I took the summer off to focus on giving them a great summer (parks! playgrounds! beach! LEGO camp! zoo! arts and crafts! ping pong! swimming!) and to put any extra bandwidth I had toward my seminary studies, The Flourishing Foster Parent, and my new podcast.

But I have been collecting ideas and listening to your questions and will be working on some new videos starting next week!

For now, here’s a quick Catching Up & Checking In video just to say hi, share a bit about where you can find some more robust content and engagement specifically for foster parents, and share the news that, as of five weeks ago today, we are a family of seven! My husband and I have five children now, and we are doing our best to establish our “new normal” (again) and ensure everyone is getting the attention, love, support, and presence they need.

Do you have a question or topic you’d like me to cover in a future video? Please leave me a comment below or send me an email.

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