Three Strands: A Church-Based Approach to Supporting Reunification and Family Preservation

In the last episode of A Fostered Life podcast (Episode 11), I introduced you to Tonya Foulkrod. Our conversation covered a lot of ground, so I broke it up into two parts. In Episode 11, which was Part One, we heard about Tonya’s early experience as a foster parent and how she and her husband became involved with the mother of the child who was placed in their care, leading them to start a ministry focused on offering a more holistic way to support families in crisis.

In this episode, which is Part Two of our interview, we learn more about  what Three Strands does and how their community approach to supporting families in crisis offers struggling parents wraparound support to help them gain skills and cultivate relationships that significantly improve their chances of reunification.

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Photo by Josh Johnson on Unsplash

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