Family Culture

I got a crash course in parenting when I became the caregiver of a five-year-old brother and five-month-old sister shortly after my husband and I became licensed foster parents. I had no idea how unprepared I was, and found myself suddenly in need of lots of advice (“What does a baby wear to bed? What if she’s hot? What if she’s cold?” and “What does a five-year-old DO all day, anyway?!”)

As with just about everything else in my life, I dove in head first. I read a ton of books. I asked a ton of questions. I made a ton of mistakes. And I experienced a ton of grace.

This is the page on my site where I’ll share things I’ve learned and am continuing to learn along the way. I’ll tell you about things that are working well for us, things that aren’t, and everything in between.

Cultivating a flourishing family life requires a lot of intention. A family is a lot like a garden: it will only flourish if work is done ahead of time and along the way. I hope what I share here will help give you some ideas for how to help your own family flourish.