“…one of the best blogger/vlogger/foster care educators on the internet …” – All Of Us Together

“Thank you!! I am writing to express how grateful I am for the time and energy to put into the information you provide via your YouTube channel… the time you spend, your heart and energy is changing our lives. Your tools are helping us get ready and the books you have mentioned are being read, noted, and the techniques placed in our toolbox for use.” – Message via Facebook

“I’ve watched your YouTube videos and follow you on Facebook. You are a true inspiration. I was on the fence about fostering (a little fear of the unknown), but following you has made me excited to become a foster parent.” – Message via Facebook

“I wanted to let you know that we used your YouTube channel as a discussion jumping off point for our graduate school class in Early Childhood Education at the University of Montana. The class is entitled Families, Communities, and Cultures. Our class really enjoyed your channel and couldn’t say enough about how helpful your channel is for people to understand what fostering is really like.” – Comment via YouTube

“Really love your videos from an agency/licensor perspective. I will certainly be sending new families your way to learn more about the potential challenges…” – Comment via YouTube

“Our volunteers have to meet with foster parents monthly in order to see our kids and I would love for them to have some knowledge of the foster parent experience prior to their first meeting with a foster parent. I think it makes that CASA/foster parent relationship better when we understand each other! … I was a Case Manager at a private foster care agency for 3 years so I completely understand the foster parent experience and can speak on it during our volunteer training, but allowing them to hear from an actual foster parent as articulate as yourself would be very helpful. I would love to show your channel videos for training purposes to improve our organizations relationship with local foster families…” – CASA trainer in Texas via email

“I have learned a lot from your videos, binge watching them all as we were going through our licensing process.” – Comment via YouTube