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For over a year, I frequently saw an ad on Facebook for Positive Parenting Solutions guaranteeing that this program could help with yelling, tantrums, power struggles, and more of the challenges I regularly faced with my kids. I rolled my eyes every time I saw it. “They don’t know my kids,” I would think, or, sometimes, “They don’t know me.” 

Then, one day in April 2018, feeling desperate and seeing that PPS offers a money-back guarantee if you don’t see results within the first thirty days, I decided to sign up for the free webinar offered as an introduction to the program.

It was fantastic.

I began to resonate with the things Amy said immediately, and before the webinar was over, I had gotten my credit card and signed up for the Gold Level membership.

That was a turning point for my husband and me as parents, and for our kids as well.

My husband and I devoured the eight teaching modules over the next month or so, and we began putting the tools into place immediately.

We have seen incredible results.

While there is a months-long learning curve (at least there was for us), and while no one does this program perfectly, we have seen real change in our home. I yell less. We engage in fewer power struggles. Our kids operate from a more empowered and connected place. They enjoy more autonomy and I enjoy them so much more!

While this program is great for any parent, I think it is particularly good for parents of children who have spent much of their lives feeling disconnected and/or disempowered.

The program is all about connection and empowerment, and those are the two things kids in foster care need most. When they have lost control over just about every “Big Thing” in their lives — where they live, what their bedroom looks like, what they eat, what school they go to, who they live with, what they have to wear, what toys they have, etc — finding ways to empower them and give them the “decision-rich environment” that Amy teaches about is huge. And understanding the psychology behind each of the tools is vital. Amy is a fantastic teacher. I have learned so much from her!

I’m such a fan of this program that I wrote a fan letter to Amy McCready, the creator of Positive Parenting Solutions.

She and I started communicating back and forth, and I shared that I believe this program is great for any parent, but I think it is especially helpful for foster parents. She invited me to become an affiliate partner, and I immediately said, “YES!” I’m going to be promoting this program to everyone I know anyway—why not make it official?!

So I’m an affiliate partner of Positive Parenting Solutions now, and I really, really hope you’ll follow my advice and sign up for the free webinar. There is absolutely no risk—if you take the free webinar and decide it’s not for you, no big deal.

But even if you decide to buy the program and give it a try, there is still no risk, because Amy offers a money-back guarantee. If you do not see results within the first 30 days of trying Positive Parenting Solutions, you can get a refund on your purchase.

So why not give it a whirl?

Use this link to access the free webinar and get more info. 

And let me know if you do! I’d love to know what you think!!