Considering Becoming a Foster Parent? Please Don’t Wait

Every day, I get email listing kids in my county needing homes that day. The first email I got this morning had sixteen kids needing a home TODAY.

Some days I get four, five, even six emails, each one with a few kids’ initials, a brief paragraph about them, and a plea for someone to take them that day. At the end of the day (today it was around 7 PM), I get more urgent emails from case workers who are working overtime to stay with the kids in their offices who do not have a bed to go to that night. Many times, those kids will sleep in their case workers’ offices if no one steps up to take them in. 

Are you considering becoming a foster parent? Please don’t wait. The list is long. Licensing takes time. Go ahead and make the call tomorrow. Get the process started. Who knows? A few months from now, you could be the answer to a child’s deepest longing: for a safe place to sleep, breakfast in the morning, and someone who will treat them with love and kindness while they go through the most difficult season of their life: being a kid in foster care.