Foster Parents and Their Foster Child’s Family

I have two announcements for members of The Flourishing Foster Parent (and those considering joining!)

First, the link to the recording of the latest Coaching Call (topic: foster parenting teens) went out yesterday via Patreon messages. If you didn’t get it, please let me know!

Second, the Coaching Call this week will focus on interacting with and relating to our foster child’s family members (parents and extended family, friends). I’ll be sharing from my wide spectrum of experiences with the parents and family members of children in our care, from the ones who have become true friends to the ones who made a CPS allegation against us (and everyone in between!)

I’ll share suggestions for how to “lean in” to the often uncomfortable (but extremely valuable) relationship between foster parents and their foster child’s family. (Heads up: I think the foster parent bears the weight of responsibility when it comes to initiating positive engagement with their foster child’s parents. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

I’ll also share some of the ways I have learned to address tension when it arises.

Join us Thursday at 5PM (PST) to hear more and participate in this important discussion.

(The Flourishing Foster Parent is for current and prospective foster parents.
Click here to learn more!)

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